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As we are coming into the winter months and the weather is turning colder it’s worth taking the time to make sure that any unoccupied probate property is ‘winter proofed’.

When a property is empty it is easy to overlook, however it is essential to take the necessary steps, early on, to avoid major winter damage.

Addressing the winter vulnerabilities in a property’s plumbing system is an important task.

There are three options which will be your main defence for your property against the cold.

  1. Heating on low – keeping the heating thermostat on a low setting, 12 degrees, all day and night
  2. Using a timer – set the heating to come on daily for a few hours early in the morning and again late evening to help keep the property above freezing. The thermostat can be set lower than you would be comfortable living but warm enough to raise the house temperature and get warm air circulating, around 14 degrees.
  3. Drain down heating systems – if your preference is to keep the property’s heating off then it’s time to make sure your heating system is protected from the risk of pipes bursting from frozen water. Draining the system down greatly reduces the risk of water damage.

We can help

We offer heating and plumbing drain downs for probate property at £145 + VAT, giving you the peace of mind that probate property is prepared for the winter.

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