Property left vacant can quickly become a problem. Traditional home insurance products are often expensive, time consuming to buy and require regular inspections. Administration of these traditional products can also be time consuming and often hold you to onerous criteria to ensure the insurance stays valid.

Making it easy to insure unoccupied property

Our vacant property insurance removes these challenges; the expense and time consuming set up. It offers a cost effective, flexible and easy–to–buy solution for unoccupied property that allows you to insure a property in minutes, giving you peace of mind to carry on with the important legal work.

For as long or as little as you need

Vacant property insurance from Property Solutions Group has no minimum or maximum periods the property can be insured for, so whether you need insurance for 1 day, 1 month or years, we can match your needs. And with a simple daily rate, no administration or cancellation fees, you will only pay for the time the insurance is required for.

Easy, instant cover

One quick phone call and you have instant cover and instant peace of mind. You can now plan the next steps in the management of the property.

Inspecting property on your behalf

With the property suitably insured, including contents (although limits may apply), you can now plan the next steps in the management of the property; security and maintenance, starting the clearance process, proceeding with valuation. We can help inspect and maintain your property.

Where you would like to carry out inspections, but are unable to do so,  we can carry these out on your behalf at the intervals required.

We can also assist with resolving any problems that emerge, from a leaky tap, a hole in the roof or dealing with the results of crime.

We can even arrange for regular maintenance to take place so that the home and garden is kept well-tended. Whatever further action you decide on, taking that first step with the insurance is key.

Some of the benefits of our Vacant Property Insurance

  • No inspection requirements giving you time to work out how you want to manage the property
  • Easy and immediate arrangement – immediate cover can be provided within minutes by phone or email
  • Just £2.60 per day, no administration or cancellation fees
  • It’s simple – there are no forms to complete
  • Contents are included – contents are also covered for the duration (although limits may apply)
  • No quoting process – it’s a fixed fee charge only for the time you need it
  • No commitment, no administration fees, no cancellation fees and no obligation to use any of other services
  • It’s flexible – use it for days or months as required, charged pro rata
  • Nationwide coverage

Potential risks for vacant property

A house that has become recently vacant, due to an owner having passed away or being moved out for their own safety, may need a little more attention than normal to protect it and prepare it for sale. Whilst property can often be repaired, prevention is always the best approach in managing costs for your client.

Vandalism – vacant property can be especially vulnerable to vandalism. Individuals become familiar with the unoccupied status of a property and opportunist.

Theft – depending on the circumstances, contents may continue to be held in the property for some time. This could represent a risk. In addition, thieves may also break-in to remove valuable metals; copper piping, lead from roofing, metal fixtures, boilers and telecoms components.

Arson – vacant properties can be vulnerable to arson. Approximately 60% of all fires happen in empty properties.

Maintenance issues – can quickly mount, or already be present in a situation where a property has already fallen into a state of disrepair. In addition, cleaning can be a daunting task for an Executor or Deputy.

Squatters – although now illegal and reduced in the residential setting, squatting does still occur sometimes causing significant damage.

Repeat crime – carried out on the same property can be a problem. Once thieves are aware that a property is unoccupied it can become a target for repeat crime.

Weather damage – cold weather can cause water systems to freeze, causing burst pipes and flooding during a thaw. It can be essential to drain down plumbing and shut off utilities (gas and electricity).

Empty room in property

Do you need to insure unoccupied probate property?

Then please get in touch. We provide an easy-to-arrange, flexible and robust insurance product to enable you to get this done immediately.

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