Selling Property

We help busy legal professionals to sell property offering a number of approaches to the market to use the best approach depending on the needs of your clients and the property for sale.

We take the frustration out of selling property

Selling property can be a complicated and onerous task which can quickly consume a lot of time.

Selling property can be a complicated and onerous task which can quickly consume a lot of time. From initially choosing the best option to sell the property, dealing with the parties involved with the marketing of the property, negotiating with interested parties, choosing the right buyer and then navigating the challenges thrown up in the conveyancing process, selling a property can often be the cause of much frustration when selling a property.

This frustration can be magnified when dealing with lots of different parties, each with their own agenda and in some cases can lead to complications which sees the agreed sale falling through and the process having to be started again, ultimately slowing the process down.

Multiple ways to sell property

When choosing Property Solutions Group to sell your property, we will provide a range of options to sell your property recommending the best option depending on need and circumstance. Whichever route you choose, you will have a dedicated point of contact at every step to guide you through the process.

Marketing with Local Agents Service

When using our Local Agents Service our dedicated team of property sales specialists will manage multiple local estate agents to find the right buyer. Liaising with the local estate agents on a regular basis, we will report back to you with property marketing updates to keep you informed and updated as to any interest in the property.

We will also make informed and clear recommendations as to the best course of action to finding the right buyer in the right time frame for the estate.

Sell property … for free!

There is a new way to sell property, without your client bearing any of the selling fees and with no risk of the service being a gimmick or subject to hidden terms.
Protect the integrity of the inheritance with our Zero Fee Open House service.

Keeping in close communication

Whichever route you choose, you will have a dedicated point of contact at every step to guide you through the process.

We follow up with all parties after viewings to encourage an offer and work with you to find the right buyer. The right buyer isn’t necessarily the party willing to pay the most, but rather the buyer who will work with us to successfully the complete the sale.

Qualifying the chain

When negotiating with interested parties, our property sales specialists will carry out checks on any properties in the chain and financially qualify the buyer. We will also carry Anti Money Laundering checks to ensure the process stays compliant from beginning to end.

Actively driving the sale process

After negotiating and agreeing the sale price, the sale is then managed by our team of Sales Progression specialists, whose job it is to take the sale right through to exchange of contracts and successful legal completion.

As the sale progresses your allocated Sales Progressor will keep you updated with any developments with the sale of your property and any associated properties in the chain, ensuring you are in control every step of the way.

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Routes to selling property

In such a diverse property market various approaches to market are important to maximise the opportunities for each property. Our team of property professionals will guide you to the right approach dependent on the property being presented to market.

Zero Fee Open House

• No seller’s fee.
Maximise returns for you client

Online marketing

• Fixed fee up-front payment.
Cost effective.

Local agent marketing

• Multiple local agents driving promotion.
Percentage based fee payable upon completion.


• No seller’s fee*
Maximise returns for you client

*an auction fee may apply

Cash offer

• No agent fees
Quick sale

How we sell property

In-depth research to establish true market value for the property. Useful for Inheritance tax purposes and in setting up the best sale.

Recommend improvements to maximise sale opportunity in accordance with the market the house will enter.

Marketing the property, including staging open house events effective in generating a competitive environment and attracting strong offers in quick time.

Proactively follow up to qualify offers to find the right proceed-able buyer with the right offer for the property.

The ultimate decision lies with the client.

Proactively liaise with all parties to co-ordinate and drive completion.

All the hard work is complete, contracts are exchanged and keys released.

Note: Our Zero Fee Open House option capitalises ENTHUSIASM OF THE BUYER, selling fees are paid by the buyer, there are no fees payable by your client.

Some of the benefits of using us to sell your property

  • Providing a property valuation report, important for tax purposes
  • Providing multiple options to sale with a choice of service levels to suit your requirements
  • Working with high quality, local estate agents to provide the best trading opportunity for every property
  • Carefully checking property chain details and financially qualifying every offer
  • Allocating a dedicated sales progressor to keep all parties regularly updated throughout the process and keeping to the appropriate timescales
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