Property Maintenance

A house that has just become vacant, due to an owner having passed away or being moved out for their own safety, may need a little more attention than normal to protect it or prepare it for sale, especially if the owner has been unable to maintain the property for a period of time.

Maintenance issues can quickly mount

Assessing and carrying out maintenance work and getting the property clean and tidy can be a daunting task and a neglected one even more so. We provide services to assist in the management of property. Services that will maintain and enhance the condition of buildings and gardens.

Keeping property safe, secure and maintained

You will want to make sure any property you are managing on behalf of your client is kept safe, secure and maintained. Our property maintenance services support legal professionals to achieve this by offering a full complement of services. Whichever service you require; from an EPC to a full structural survey, from document searches to clearing buildings and gardens. the property maintenance specialists at Property Solutions Group are on hand to help

Representing value for legal professionals – managing costs

Working with a network of contractors, we obtain at least two quotes for each task and discuss the costs with you before anything happens – leaving you in complete control.

Services to protect and maintain property:

Securing the Property and keeping it safe

Ensuring vacant property is secure is a priority as well as ensuring you know who has access to the property, especially for high value properties which may contain high value items. Our team can arrange for all locks to be changed and for keys to be distributed to the necessary parties and even act as a key holder on your behalf, ensuring you have a full audit trail of all comings and goings from the property. Once the property is secure, we will always make recommendations to ensure the property does not fall in disrepair. This could include draining down any plumbing systems, arranging electrical and gas systems are checked or arranging regular inspections of the property.

List of services
  • Vacant Property Insurance
  • Locate all door and window keys
  • Change of locks
  • Check property is secure – windows closed, appliances off
  • Arrange installation of security systems including alarms & CCTV
  • Drain down heating & plumbing system
  • Electrical Safety Report
  • Electrical Installation Condition Report
  • Gas Safety Certificate
  • Locate and secure specific items of value
  • Locate and secure specific paperwork including the Will

Garden Maintenance

As well as an overgrown or derelict garden being an indication that a property is vacant and attracting unwanted attention, it can also impact on the interest levels once the property is offered for sale.

Our team can arrange for one off service to restore the garden and ongoing general garden upkeep to keep the property looking at is best.

List of services
  • Clear overgrown lawns and flowerbeds
  • Remove any unwanted items including vehicles, play equipment and garden furniture
  • Arrange regular garden maintenance

Reports and Surveys

As well as the visible and sometimes obvious defects a property can show, less obvious and sometimes unpleasant surprises, which can not only effect the valuation of the property, but all stop the process of settling the estate in its tracks, can be lurking waiting to spring a surprise!

Our experienced team will be able to arrange any report required for the property and make recommendations to protect the property and overcome issues before they arise.

List of surveys
  • Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)
  • Electrical installation Condition Report (EICR)
  • Structural survey
  • RICS Valuation Survey
  • RICS Homebuyers Survey
  • Damp & Timber Survey
  • Drain Survey
  • Wall Tie Report
  • Tree Risk Assessment
  • Japanese Knotweed Report

Refurbishment works

Any house is easier to sell if the décor is in good condition and fairly neutral. Investing in the property could mean it sells faster and for more. We’ll be happy to advise if we think it would help.

List of services
  • Boiler servicing
  • Boiler replacement
  • Kitchen or bathroom replacement
  • Redecorating – refreshing walls and woodwork with paint
  • Make good any interior damage from accidents, animals, neglect or poor DIY

If you’re struggling to cover costs during probate, we can help

Some of the benefits of using us to protect and maintain your probate property

  • We will assess the condition of property and gardens and recommend what is needed to both maintain the property in the short term and how to maximise sale value in the future term
  • Our nationwide panel of contractors ensures that you will be served by contractors pre-qualified by ourselves, experienced with probate
  • Working with a network of contractors, we obtain at least two quotes for each task and discuss the costs with you before anything happens, leaving you in complete control and typically providing savings for the estate.
  • Our experienced property maintenance management team will manage the whole process from start to finish
  • We offer a very bespoke service. Apart from the maintenance services we can help with; document and item searches, valuing chattels, managing the sale of particular items, amongst other searches. Whatever is needed, we will find a way.
  • We can arrange for the house contents, including valuables, to be appraised and subsequently sold, donated or disposed of as preferred.
  • We’ll value and sell any vehicles, garden tools or DIY equipment and safely dispose of any chemicals, paints or stored fuel
  • Helping maintain the integrity and condition of the estate’s buildings and gardens; inspections, clearance, maintenance, redecoration/remodelling to aid sale, clearance, compliance, surveys amongst other associated services as and when required.
Person changing locks on door

We can protect, maintain probate property and prepare it for the best sale outcome

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