Are you facing probate property expenses you didn't expect?

Are there no funds on the estate to cover cost of purchasing services during probate?

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Property Expense Funding - assisting you with costs associated with probate property

Property Expense Funding is a unique product brought to you by Tower Street Finance and Property Solutions Group to help executors or personal representatives who have to pay up-front for services associated with preparing a property, 'Testamentary Expenses', for sale.

Testamentary Expenses are costs that executors or personal representatives have to cover whilst carrying out their role, for which they are personally liable. The costs incurred are repaid out of the Estate proceeds before any beneficiary distribution.

If you don’t have funds to cover costs during probate, we can help!

Property Expense Funding is a product available to executors and personal representatives who can’t fund the costs associated with dealing with property as part of estate administration.

The great news is that it is not a traditional loan:

  • There are no credit checks.
  • You don’t have to own a home as there are no charges over any property.
  • There are no monthly repayments. The loan is repaid from the estate proceeds, income and affordability don’t need to be assessed.

It’s simple, straightforward and there’s no risk.

"Paying for the house repairs is delaying me selling the property and accessing much needed funds from the estate. Moving forward without these funds is very difficult"

"The biggest challenge our clients have is the availability of funds which they need to get maintenance work carried out on properties during the probate process. Our partnership with Tower Street Finance means we can solve this problem for them and unlock much needed funds so that estates can be settled in a cost-effective and timely manner, without incurring unnecessary risk or costs"

Michael Edwards, Property Solutions Group

Testamentary Expenses

Testamentary expenses are costs that must be covered in relation to an executor, or personal representative, carrying out their role. They are liable for these costs, which are later repaid out of the Estate’s proceeds before any beneficiary distribution. These expenses are for required services to, that might build up over time and might not be apparent to those involved in estate administration. They could include:

Selling Probate Property

Executor Solutions provide the best routes and options to sell probate property for the most achievable value (often full market value or above). We offer a number of approaches to help executors and use the best one depending on the needs of the estate and the property for sale.

"Selling the property to distribute the funds to the beneficiaries can’t be done until I sell the property. I won’t get the maximum value if the property isn’t maintained - it feels like a catch-22 situation"

The benefits of using our Property Expense Funding service:

  • 12 months interest free and no fees, we wont tie you into any contract which requires you to pay a high amount of interest or fee at the end.
  • No risk to the executor and personal representative.
  • No personal liability, the service is charged towards the estate and not the individual executor or personal representative.
  • No credit checks to the executor or personal representative, the costs are incurred to the estate
  • No monthly repayments owed
  • 12 month period for inheritance to be released
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Do you need funds to cover the payment of service while you wait for the estate to be settled?

Get in touch with one of our experienced property professionals who can help.

Frequently Asked Questions

Representative 19.6% APR

There are no fees payable and Property Solutions Group will pay the interest on your behalf for the first 12 months. The Representative APR is calculated assuming that the entire facility is drawn in full by the end of the first 12 months, that the first year’s interest is paid by Executor Solutions, and the facility is repaid after 24 months.

By way of a worked example, if we agree a facility of £10,000 which is fully drawn at month 12, with the total being repaid in a single payment after 24 months, then the total amount repayable would be £11,956.18. This is made up of a repayment of the total facility and interest of £1,956.18. The annual interest rate is 19.6% fixed.

If there’s no will and no executor, the loan is also available to the person applying to be ‘personal representative’. The Property Expense Funding product is a credit agreement which provides you with access to credit which must be used to pay property-related Testamentary Expenses on the estate and is paid directly to Executor Solutions. The Loan does not create a charge over any land or property. Access to the product does not rely on your personal credit rating and, other than in cases of fraud/breach of terms & conditions, repayment of the Loan is made out of the estate proceeds. We assess the value of the estate to ensure that there will be sufficient proceeds to cover the loan plus accrued fees/interest. Interest will only be charged for the first 30 months of the Loan. If for whatever reason the first 12 months interest is not paid by Executor Solutions then it is payable out of the estate proceeds. The estate must be administered by a recognised administrator. Property Solutions Group (South East) Limited is a credit broker and are an Introducer Appointed Representative of Tower Street Finance Limited who are the Lender of Record.